Frying pan opening method and daily use and maintenance

Source: Zhejiang Dynsun Cookware Co., LtdRelease time: 2019-08-16

Vegetable oil open pot.

1, the first detergent wash and dry the pan, heat on low heat, pour a little oil, then the whole pan coated with, low heat!

2, pour the oil out, wipe dry with kitchen paper towels, wait for the pot to cool hot water to wash and dry. Never use detergent, and then repeat the previous action.

3, 3 times after the pan plus warm, coated with oil, pour out the oil, the pan rests for 24 hours on the first time to raise the pan.

The whole process of small fire operation!

The back of the daily maintenance is to wash and take a towel to dry it, dry and pour some oil to feed.

Used from time to time.

1, the iron pot medium heat, preheat the pot to a little smoke, pour oil. This is called a hot pan of cold oil.

2, if you do not observe what is called a hot pan of cold oil, operate like this. Preheat the oil and pan together, and finally the pan and oil are very hot on the non-stick, the standard of heat can be judged by the slight smoke from the oil, and the meat can be flipped after the frying is set. After proficiency, you can observe the oil appearing in the bottom of the pan in that fine wave-like (before smoking) tumbling can be non-stick.

Daily cleaning.

1, bristle brush cleaning, without detergent. Soft cloth dry.

2, if there is burnt bubble with some water, then turn on the fire to boil the water and then soak for a while, bristle brush off, clean. Then apply some oil maintenance. Do not use wire balls, do not use a cleaning cloth!


Iron pot can not cook acidic food, large quantities of chopped peppers, lemons, pineapples ...... and so on similar to this series of acidic ingredients. Do not cook corrosive materials, such as cola ......