How to clean and maintain non-stick pans

Source: Zhejiang Dynsun Cookware Co., LtdRelease time: 2019-08-16

Non-stick pan cleaning

1. Before cooking, you need to dry the water in the pan sufficiently, turn on the fire source together, participate in cooking oil, wait until the fire red point becomes full red, before you start the next dish.

2. advocate cooking temperature of no more than 240 ℃, to reduce the occurrence of fumes, which also has the advantage of the body, long cooking, if the body inhaled too much fumes, will damage the body.

3. Generally use heavy fire cooking is better to keep the original flavor of food and energy saving, too much fire will make the food easy to scorch, resulting in the loss of food vitamins and damage to food nutrition.

4. If the non-stick pans meet stubborn stains, you can use hot water plus detergent, wipe clean with a sponge; if you encounter difficult to wash stubborn stains, do not use brushes and other coarse and hard objects to scrub, otherwise it will damage the non-stick coating bonded in the pan, you can first soak in water, and then wipe with a soft cloth.

Non-stick pan maintenance

1. Just bought a new pan, before the first use, to tear off the label, then rinse with water and wipe dry, coated with a thin layer of cooking oil, for example, frying oil, it has many types, but butter and lard are excluded as maintenance, and then cleaned before use.

2. When cooking, apply heat-resistant nylon, plastic or wooden spatula, avoid sharp spatulas or metal utensils to damage the surface of non-stick cookware, if it is made of iron, it will not only hurt the pan, but also lead to hot hands due to temperature transfer, which requires care.

3. non-stick cookware heat transfer evenly, use only a medium to low heat, you can cook delicious food, if you use a large fire, the pan must have food or water, every once in a while to see for themselves to prevent the water from burning dry resulting in fire.

4. When the dish is fried, you need to wait for the temperature to drop slightly before washing with water, you can not immediately wash with cold water; meet stubborn stains, you can use hot water plus detergent and sponge cleaning, you can not cut rough sand cloth or metal ball vigorous scrubbing, will scratch the inner wall of the pot.